Custom Metal Signs for your home, farm, ranch, hunting club or business. 

We specialize in custom made metal signs that match the personality of our customers and their interests ! 

When you have had a chance to look at some of the samples on our website and are ready to order, give us a call or email us. From there we can draw you a basic outline of your sign, email a copy to you to proof and work with you from there until it meets your requirements. 


Our most common size is a 4' wide x 32" tall. These signs are cut out of 14 guage steel. They normally weigh up to an average of 17 lbs. which makes them great for display inside or outside. Our "Almost Heaven" signs are $165.00. If you would like a 4 foot wide customized sign the price is $195.00 plus $35.00 shipping.

Also available are 6' wide x 4' tall and 8' wide x 4' tall signs. Six foot wide signs are priced at $450.00 plus shipping. Eight foot signs are priced at $550.00 plus shipping. Shipping is determined according to the weight and normally runs $150.00 or more. Larger signs can also be picked up by the customer at our shop, thereby saving the shipping costs. Six and eight foot wide signs are cut out of 12 guage steel. The extra thickness of 12 guage steel supports these larger signs more evenly.

We have done signs as large as 27' wide and and 5' tall. Oversized signs are shipped in pieces and then welded in place by the customer.  If you have questions about larger or smaller custom sizes, please feel free to call us and we can discuss the best option for the size you require.


All of the designs you see are copyrighted and can not be reproduced without the written consent of Iron Man Sam's LLC.  All copyright and trademark laws are enforced.


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